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    Symbol of female independence

    The origin of the Cocktail Ring can be traced back to the Prohibition of the United States in 1920. Women’s emancipation then took great leaps, they got the right to vote and the number of women employed rose enormously.

    At the secret and flamboyant Cocktail Parties in the well-known speakeasies, these women want to show off their newly gained purchasing power and the often extravagant Cocktail Ring thus became the symbol of female independence.

    Typical of these rings are the colored gemstones, that they are large and striking and are worn on the right hand. This is to avoid the comparison with an engagement ring and to make it clear that the strength of the wearer does not depend on a partner.

    Diamond giant ‘De Beers’ followed suit and launched a campaign in 2003 with the slogan ‘Women of the World, Raise Your Right Hand’.

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