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    Diamond ring

    Where does the word carat come from?

    Karaat bij diamant

    Carat with Diamonds

    The term “carat” originates from ‘keration,’ the Greek name for the carob tree.

    In ancient times, traders of luxury goods discovered that the seeds of this tree had a consistent weight of 0.197 grams. Due to their precise weight, they were used as counterweights when weighing diamonds, gold, and gemstones.

    In 1907, our metric carat, equivalent to 0.200 grams, was established based on these seeds. A one-carat diamond weighs 0.200 grams, exactly the same as one seed!

    karaat bij goud komt van de Gouden Romeinse Solidus munt

    Carat with Gold

    For gold, carat does not express weight but rather purity.

    This practice traces its origins to the ‘Solidus,’ a pure gold coin from the late Roman era that always weighed the same as 24 seeds of the carob tree.

    As a result, 24 carats became the standard for pure gold.

    likeur gemaakt van de Johannes broodboompit.

    Liqueur made from the pit of the carob tree.

    Our gift with the purchase of a piece of jewelry for Christmas or New Year.

    This Carob liqueur is worth its weight in gold!


    To be enjoyed with or without an ice cube, or try one of our signature cocktails.




    1/4 Carob Liqueur

    3/4 Elderflower Tonic

    Finish with a sprig of thyme and lemon zest




    2/5 Carob Liqueur

    1/5 Dry Gin

    2/5 White dry Vermouth

    Finish with lemon zest


    Enjoy your drink! Cheers!

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