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    40 years of Pascale Masselis

    Diploma Pascale Masselis van de Koninklijke Academie van Schone Kunsten te Antwerpen.


    Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

    As an eighteen-year-old, Pascale started her training in jewellery design and goldsmithing. At the age of eighteen, Pascale embarked on her journey in jewellery design and goldsmithing, immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. During this period, renowned fashion designers, the Antwerp Six, and jewellery creators, Wouters and Hendrix, all honed their craft while studying at the Academy.

    After four wonderful years, Pascale ascale proudly received her degree with high distinction on 23rd June 1983.

    Kralen en juwelen winkel Antwerpen



    immediately after her graduation, Pascale, alongside her partner Andrew Johnstone, inaugurated a boutique in downtown Antwerp. Beyond showcasing Pascale’s own designs, the store offered a global array of beads. Here, individuals were invited to explore their artistic inclinations and craft unique jewellery using an extensive selection of beads.


    Particles swiftly became a sensation, prompting Pascale and Andrew to traverse the globe in pursuit of unique components for their collections. From buffalo horn and bone beads in India to pearl beads from the Philippines, Swarovski crystals from Germany, and glass beads from Venice, their quest for diverse materials knew no bounds.

    Antiek interieur van een Mercerie uit Parijs



    A chance discovery of a charming interior in Paris, an antique mercerie dating back to 1885, sparked Pascale’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit. With the collaborative efforts of her entire family, they meticulously transported the interior from Paris to Antwerp, restoring it to its former glory.

    This was made possible by the tremendous efforts of Herman Tettelin, Luc De Clerck, and their team.

    On 2nd April 1990, Galalith, a button store boasting 450 drawers and display cases, opened its doors. In addition to an extensive button collection, Pascale showcased and sold her gold jewellery collection for the first time.

    It’s a well-kept secret that the button trade still thrives today, offering over 5,000 unique options for those seeking the perfect complement to a new outfit. for those seeking the perfect complement to a new outfit.

    Parelring Pascale Masselis


    Evolution to Handmade Gold Jewellery Collection

    Driven by the desire to create timeless pieces cherished across generations, Pascale shifted her focus from fantasy jewellery to an exclusive collection of handmade gold jewellery.

    This collection featured coloured gemstones, pearls, and diamonds intricately woven into fine gold threads and became her signature style.

    Lauren Johnstone, dochter Pascale Masselis
    Allison Johnstone, fotograaf


    FAMILY Business

    Pascale’s eldest daughter, Lauren, joined the family business after studying shoe design, bringing her unique strengths to both the creative studio and the business realm.

    Allison, the youngest daughter with a background in photography, took charge of capturing the beauty of the jewellery and managing social media.

    Gevel Pascale Masselis
    Winkelpui in hout bij Pascale Masselis


    Facade Revitalisation

    Following a transformative renovation of Lange Koepoortstraat into a bustling shopping district, the neighbourhood experienced a revival, prompting Pascale to turn her attention to the exterior facade of her store. Seizing the perfect moment, she envisioned and brought to life the gem-like facade she had long dreamed of,

    with the skilled craftsmanship of Patrick and Walter from the Millimeterke.

    Studio appartement for short term rental in Antwerp with green kitchen
    Studio appartement for short term rental in Antwerp


    Guesthouse Galalith

    Because Pascale’s passion for captivating stories within beautiful objects is unwavering, during the renovations, she redirected her creative energy from jewellery to the interiors of the two studios above. Since then, guests have had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Pascale Masselis by staying in these thoughtfully curated spaces.

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