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    Peridot necklace

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    Necklace crafted from 18-karat gold with a 4,88 ct pear shaped peridot gemstone hanger.

    Every piece of jewellery is handmade so differences may occur.

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    Necklace crafted from 18-karat gold with a 4,88 ct pear shaped Peridot gemstone hanger.


    All necklaces are a standard length of 45 cm with an added extension of 3 cm. If you require a different length please send us an email.

    Shipping & Returns

    Shipping is complimentary for all orders. For more information on returns visit our shipping & returns page here.

    About peridot

    Also called the “gem of the sun,” peridot is the vibrant olive-green variety of the mineral olivine. With a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, peridot is well-suited for use in jewelry.

    The stone was believed to ward off nightmares and protect its wearer from the evil spirits of the night. Remarkably, peridot is the only gemstone that has been found on Mars so far, adding to its unique allure.

    Peridot is the birthstone for August and is associated with prosperity and good fortune. It is believed to bring peace, health, and harmony to its wearer. The gem is also thought to promote restful sleep, reduce stress, and enhance relationships. Symbolizing purity and light, peridot has been cherished for its supposed ability to protect and heal, making it a treasured gemstone throughout the ages.

    Peridots are typically free from significant inclusions and exhibit a beautiful, clear olive-green color, symbolizing purity and renewal.

    Want to know more about Gemstones? GIA is our trusted source for gemstone information.

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