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    Aquamarine ring

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    18-karat gold ring set with an aquamarine gemstone.

    Only available on backorder and take 3 to 4 weeks to ship. Every piece of jewellery is handmade so differences may occur.

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    Crafted from 18-karat yellow gold, the ring is set with an oval cut aquamarine gemstone.

    Every piece of jewellery is handmade and all materials are natural so differences may occur.

    About aquamarine

    Also called the sailor’s gem, aquamarine is the light blue to green-blue variety of the mineral beryl. With a hardness of 7,5 on the Mohs scale; Aquamarine is perfect for use in jewellery.

    The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words ‘Aqua’ and ‘Marina’. The gem was said to calm waves and served as a talisman for a safe journey at sea.

    The gem is the birthstone for March and has a reputation for protecting one’s well-being. Aquamarines are often free from inclusions and as clear as water, symbolizing purity and beauty of spirit and soul.

    Want to know more about Gemstones? GIA is our trusted source for gemstone information.

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